Annual Spring Fundraiser
Wednesday, May 1st, 2019
@ 5:30-7:30 p.m.

Fun for everyone with the following activities:

  • Brats & Beers & More
  • Garden Party Bucket Drawings
  • Plant Grab
  • Head or Tails Split the Pot
  • Green House Goody Grab
  • Live Auction @ 7:00 p.m.
  • “Celebrating the Local” Artist Silent Auction

Live Auction

Live auction by Perala Brothers Auctioneers at 7:00 p.m. Featuring experiential prizes & beautifully crafted community-made art! Come early to scope out the goods.

“Celebrating the Local” Artist Silent Auction

Discover how rich our region is with art by local and regional artists! 50% of proceeds go right back to the artists, 50% helps fund Cultural Center programs. Support local art & artists, and Cultural Center programs, PLUS, get some great one-of-a-kind art pieces for your home, cabin, garden, or to give as gifts!

SEEKING ARTISTS & DONATIONS! We need your skills and donations! Suggested items include:

  • Plants
  • Garden Supplies
  • Party Supplies (glasses, beer, wine, etc.)
  • Experiential Items (tickets, lodging, etc.)

Are you an interested artist?

Call us at 218-385-3339

Email us at

…or stop by the Center to reserve your spot in our Garden Party “Celebrating the Local” Gallery Show and Artist Silent Auction! The Gallery Show will open April 25.

Hometown Brats & Beer Dinner

Thanks to the Mills Locker Plant for their donation of locally made brats, and to Mills Country Market for their donation of buns! Thanks to The Otter Supper Club & Lodge for catering delicious sides at a discounted price.

The Cultural Center would like to thank all donors and the talented artists in our community and region for helping make our Garden Party a fabulous and art-filled success!

THANKS to the following Artists for their contributions to the 2019 Garden Party “Celebrating the Local” Artist Silent Auction! True to our mission to support working artists, 50% of the proceeds go right back to the artist, and 50% supports Cultural Center programming.

ARTISTS: Don Magnuson, Dawn Rossbach, Dusty Krause, Troy Becker, Michael Love, Spencer Johannes, Brad Wegscheid, Hannah Bass, Josh Bass, Jacqueline Mercenies, Julia Bekkerus, Reid Homola, Vivian Homola, J. Bracken Rourke, Leonora, Cheryl Bannes, Heather Humbert, Bill Reynolds, Dyann Tigges, Tracy Warnke, Jerry Mevissen, Glenda Mayava, Judy Moratis, Nick Roder, Kendal Stevenson, Kelly Felix, Peder Butenhoff, Tibi Chelcea, Gen Keranen, Sandra Shaughnessy, Jessica Geiser.

THANKS to the following Local Businesses and Individuals for their contributions to the 2019 Garden Party. We couldn’t do it without you! Thanks for helping make our community vibrant!

BUSINESSES: Mills Locker Plant (NYM), Mills Country Market (NYM), Mills Liquors (NYM), Disgruntled Brewing (Perham), Drastic Measures Brewing (Wadena), Calla Floral (Perham), Cenex Hardware Hank (NYM), Leaf River Ag (Wadena), Gathering Grounds (Perham), Grass Roots (Ottertail), Dollar General (NYM), Make Me Wine (NYM), East Silent Lake Resort (Dent), Designs by Tes (NYM), Thumper Pond (Ottertail), Bridgette’s Main Frame (Perham), Hometown Crafts (Wadena), Gordy’s Greenhouse (NYM), Red Barn Greenhouse (NYM), Jean’s the Right Plant Place (Perham), Blossoms, Birds & Beyond / Lakes Area Landscape (Perham), Ma’s Little Red Barn (Perham), Lakes Area Co-op (Perham), Mark’s Fleet (Perham), The Backyard (Perham), Pete’s Nursery & Landscape (Wadena), The Uptown (Wadena), Owly Coffee (Wadena), Merickel Ace Hardware (Wadena), Weber Hardware (Wadena), Whitetail Run Golf Course (Wadena), Perham Area Community Center (Perham), Front 20 Outfitters (Perham), CMCU (NYM).

INDIVIDUALS: NYM Elementary School Staff Members, Bobbie Blomnel, Jennifer Parta, Gwen Denninger, Vicki Chepulis, Kent Scheer, Dorothy Eskeli, Lynn Kasma, Tracy Warnke, Jan & Mike Parta, Ardean & Jacki Kliewer, Cheryl Humbert, Pat & Ed Buerkle, Sarah Carlson, Latham Hetland, Carol Myhre, Teresa Pederson, Kirstin Roberts, Justine Anderson, Judith Brockway.

WOW! Our hearts are full of gratitude to ALL artists, donors & supporters! We can’t wait to see you all at the Garden Party on May 1st!

PS If you donated and we missed you, WE ARE SO SORRY! It was inadvertent. Please call & let us know!