retro-1480640_1280Basic East Coast Swing Dance

Class & Party for Couples!

Friday, October 28th

Starting at 6:30pm


The first hour is a dance lesson with a Dance Party to follow!

$20 per couple, two drinks included. Light Refreshments served.

Instructors are Barbara and Jewett Benson of Lakeside Ballroom.

Please note: the previously scheduled 3-class series of classes has been postponed until Spring 2017 because of instructor injury. However we hope you’ll join us for this fun mini refresher class and dance party, to show off some of those dancing skills!

Dancing is good for your health! A UCLA Healing Arts program representative and dance therapist, Lora Wilson, says partner dancing stimulates neurons, promoting neuroplasticity. The New England Journal of Medicine published a study which showed dancing as the only activity for folks in retirement communities which lowered the chances of developing dementia. Dancing the tango, finds the Montreal Neurological Institute, helps reduce the symptoms of Parkinsons’s disease. Wilson also says dancing in synchronicity with another person helps improve non-verbal communication skills and mood.

Call the Cultural Center to register @ (218) 385-3339