Acoustic Alchemy and Fiddle Wizardry Friday April 19th

“The Barley Jacks are musicians’ musicians playing seriously good music. If you can sit there and listen to these guys without smiling or tapping your Brian Wicklund and the Barley Jackstoe, check your pulse.”–Ron Arsenault, Rock Bend Music Festival

Reserve tickets at 218-385-3339 for this 7:30 pm concert.  Tickets are $12 advance reservation or $15 at the door.  Student admission is $5.

“The concert was just incredible. Everyone there knew we were seeing a world class performance by the quartet headed by Brian Wicklund who is one of the most talented and versatile violinists I have ever seen.”–Denise Morris, Sticks and Stones Festival

Blend of original bluegrass, Celtic, and roots played with acrobatic skill and soul. The Barley Jacks sing original vocals and play jaw–dropping instrumentals in a spirit of excitement and fun. They are masters of the fiddle, guitar, bass and drum who meld their divergent backgrounds of blues and bluegrass, classical and Celtic, R & B and bebop to inspire each other and create something entirely new.

Front–man and fiddler Brian Wicklund is joined by Joe Cruz–guitar, Kevin Rowe–bass, and Joel Arpin–percussion. Their 2010 debut recording “Either Side of Night” and 2011 recording “The Lighthouse” has been met with great praise by reviewers.

Virtuosity, magic and a little danger combine to make every performance unique. The first thing an audience notices is how much fun the Barley Jacks have when they perform. These Minnesota–based veterans of years in the musical trenches enjoy making music together so much that they sometimes giggle like little kids completely lost in a moment of play.