Barn Owl Press

On Monday, June 2nd at 7:30pm, come to the Cultural Center to hear poetry, learn more about letterpress printing, meet both a local and a visiting artist, and have the chance to purchase one of an edition of 40 broadsides. Each broadside is hand-fed through an antique printing press, and each letter is a hand-set piece of lead.

Poet Alyse Knorr

Visiting artist, poet Alyse Knorr and local artist, letterpress printer Nikki Werner, are collaborating on a special project during Alyse’s 4-week residency. Together they have selected a poem from Alyse’s book of poems, Copper Mother (and forthcoming in Kestrel), which she is working on during her time in New York Mills.  Copper Mother is based on the 1977 Voyager Golden Record (click here to listen online).  The poems imagine what would happen if an intelligent extraterrestrial civilization found the Voyager Golden Record, listened to it, and decided to come and visit us. Click here to see some poems from Copper Mother published online, including “After Our Friends arrived” and “Second transcription of Our Friends.” There will also be copies of Alyse’s first book, Annotated Glass, for sale at this event.

Please join us on Monday, June 2nd at 7:30pm. Audience members will have the chance to enjoy discussions of poetry, printmaking, and space aliens!  Not to mention time travel, Burger King, Chuck Berry, and a very important cameo from the Mall of America…what more could you ask for on a Monday night in New York Mills?!