RobinFBpicRobin Rozanski

fiction writer

Robin writes fiction of all lengths, from flash fiction to novels, usually literary in genre. Exploring themes of mortality and humanity through characterizations of illness or physical deformity, occasionally her work tends toward fantastic or speculative elements. She was a 2015 participant in the InterMedia Arts Beyond the Pure Fellowship, and as part of that project Robin had the opportunity to share my work directly with people affected by cancer or chronic illness. The response to that work was amazing, supportive, and humbling, as most listeners and readers said that she had given words to what they had been unable to say to family and friends. RobinBlurrThat experience inspired Robin to write with more purpose—to use her imagination to create art that connects me, through fictional characterizations, to the often unknown reader. This transformative process is, says Robin, the special alchemy that elevates storytelling to an art. Her next project is a longer work that will take these ideas to the next level in a publishable book length form.

While in New York Mills, Robin will be working on that book. In the weeks after Labor Day, when school begins, Robin will facilitate writing workshops for the New York Mills High School Language Arts Department.

Robin Rozanski stays with the Cultural Center’s Arts Retreat from August 21st through September 17th, 2016.

Letter-Writing Workshop!

Robin offers a letter-writing workshop to the tri-county community.

Whether passing along advice to children or connecting with an old friend, real letters are satisfying in a way that emails aren’t. This isn’t about calligraphy, it’s about sharing life and thoughts, combining small moments with big ideas. We practice with writing prompts, and start your own letters, even if you don’t know who you want to write to yet.

Thursday, September 15th 5:30pm-7:00pm.

Light refreshments served. Free to Attend. In the Gallery at the Cultural Center in New York Mills.