End of Year Fundraising Kick-Off November 13

Give to the Max Day is the beginning of the Cultural Center’s end-of-year fundraising.  The Center has a funding gap of $50,000 that it must close by December 31, 2014 in order to start our new fiscal year in the best way possible, bringing regional creative expression to the forefront of our lives.

Give to the Max day will be the beginning of our fundraising to close the gap and be ready to bring everyone the best creative experiences again in 2015.  There is plenty more happening at the Center this fall season, including a wonderful concert series that culminates in the Longest Night Music Festival on December 21.

And lots more.  Click on the headline above or on the logo below and learn how you can become a partner with the Cultural Center to bring the best creative experiences here to rural Minnesota in the remainder of 2014 and throughout 2015.  Please note:  the Cultural Center’s legal name is New York Mills Arts Retreat.  You may not know us by that name, but we are the same organization.  Thank you!

Give to the Max Logo