Barbara Claussen’s art project to help heal hostile neighbor relations

Do you have a hostile neighbor?  There is art for that!

Barbara ClaussenBarbara, recipient of a 2013 Artist Initiatve grant from the Minnesota State Arts Board, explores unusual and sometimes humorous solutions to challenges that arise at the intersection of public and private space.  In her recent project – part of which is on display next to the Center in front of the Library – she designs and installs portable and collapsible screens for people with a hostile neighbor.  These screens provide a respite from unhealthy interactions and can can prevent hostilities from excalating.  They offer visual shelter that allows people to work, lounge, and recreate without being disturbed by antagonistic activity in an adjacent space.  Artwork for your lawn!

After its short stay here, the barrier is available to anyone on short-term loan.  The only requirement is that you must have a hostile neighbor.  Call the Center if you are interested in hosting Barbara’s barrier art.