jtmauilogoJT Thompson

Jewelry Maker

JT Thompson of jt maui designs is the Cultural Center’s July Artist of the Month! Stop by our gift shop any time for the rest of the month to get 10% off all of JT’s marvelous creations!

Minnesota native, Jon “JT” Thompson, resided on the island of Maui for many years before returning to his home state and joining fellow artist, Karla Mikkelson.

The natural colors and materials from beaches and lakes are evident in each of their one-of-a-kind creations. They love to mix natural gemstones and beach glass with elements such as driftwood, lake stone, lava, and mixed metals. Custom metal stamping, family necklaces, and custom phrases are available. From baby’s first jewelry to re-purposing Grandma’s heirlooms, they create new as well as reconditioned jewelry for all ages and styles. Each piece is truly created for you with the spirit of “aloha!”

Get JT’s jewely in the gift shop at the Cultural Center and online in his Etsy Store and Facebook.


In April, the Cultural Center Gift Store proudly announced its “Artist of the Month” program which features a new Gift Store artist each month with special deals and activities. The program’s intent is to bring attention to the myriad of talented local and regional artists and specialty product makers who enhance the assortment in the Cultural Center’s Gift Store. Additionally, the program provides an opportunity for members of the community to come and connect with the featured artist or maker, participate in a class or observe a demonstration, and take advantage of special discounts on artist-made creations. The Cultural Center is committed to featuring a new artist each month and offering special events and an opportunity to meet the artist and purchase their artwork with special discounts.