Join us Monday, August 24 from 1-3pm OR 6-8pm in creating woodland trolls!

Many folktales from Scandinavia have trolls and other mythical beings. They often take on the traits of their woodland surroundings. A simple walk through the woods will provide you with almost everything you need to make your own troll!

After the passage of the Homestead Act of 1862, 75,000 people migrated to what is now the state of Minnesota from 1862-1865. Many of the people that came to Minnesota were from Scandinavian countries, and wanted to keep the cultural heritage of their home countries alive. Trolls play an important part in telling stories about human nature.

Learn more about Scandinavian and Minnesota history by creating your very own troll!

Intended for ages 7-12.  Cost is $5/child.  Call to register at 218-385-3339.