Volunteer Spotlight: Dorothy Eskali

Volunteer Spotlight: Dorothy Eskeli

To kick off our new “Volunteer Spotlight” recognition program, we would like to highlight and thank longtime volunteer, Dorothy Eskeli of New York Mills.

“Volunteering adds an extra dimension and sense of pride as I do my part to spread the importance, enjoyment and love of the arts.”

Dorothy has volunteered at almost every Cultural Center event over the years. Some specific volunteer roles have included Halloween Party Make & Take, Puppet Pageant preparation, Fish House Festival art projects, Garden Party ticket seller, mailings stuffer, appetizers for events, transport Think-Off debators, collect and count votes at Think-Off, and many other things over the years. Her favorites are the Halloween and Fish House art projects, and the Puppet Pageant.

When asked why she is part of the Volunteer team, Dorothy responded that it is an involved and active way to support the Center’s mission and programs. Dorothy’s favorite memory from volunteering is endless paper maiche work on puppets for the Puppet Pageant, which was especially fun at The Barn in August 2017.


“Watching, and being involved, as the Pageant grows from storyboard to final production is always amazing.”

Dorothy would tell potential new members/volunteers that the concerts, Think-Off, Little Big Year birding group, art and writing classes, Open Mic Nights, and other programs and activities are diverse enough to be worthwhile and enjoyable for all ages. We asked Dorothy to share a fun fact about herself, and here’s what she said:

“I enjoy the sweet spot when being lost in the act of creating. I especially like drawing and writing. And, greatly appreciate the emotional release they give. I started an Art Therapy program at the University of New Mexico before moving back to Minnesota. I believe in the healing power of all the expressive arts. As the awareness of mental health’s importance grows, the arts can prove to be therapeutic.”

We agree! Thanks again to Dorothy for sharing her insights and experiences, and for all of her time spent volunteering and making Cultural Center events come alive for our community and region!