Acrylic Painting

with Aleda Windels

Students will complete a still life orchid painting to take home in addition to honing skills.

This “Art Rehabilitated” class will help participants utilize the relaxation which comes from creative exercises to de-stress, rejuvenate, and enjoy their weekend.

Aleda Windels, who concentrates on art therapy and canvass work,  is an artist who has been creating her entire life. She first studied art with Center volunteer and local art entrepreneur and philanthropist, Pam Robinson. Windels studied painting at M|State in Wadena and Detroit Lakes.

Windels’ work focuses on portraiture, murals, landscape, and illustration. She paints almost everyday, thankful for the talents with which she has to work.

The class fee is $33 or $30 for Cultural Center members.

Registration is required, and a minimum number of students must be met in order to hold the class. Call the Center to register at 218-385-3339.