Monday June 10, 2019
@ 7:30 p.m.
Live, local, rock & roll

Who says you can’t have fun on a Monday?

Join us Monday June 10th at 7:30pm for this impactful and lively rock and roll band!

Paper Parlor is a traditional rock & roll band to the core, and the best part? They’re native to Minnesota!

Coming from the hills of Duluth, this six person eclectic crew consists of Wilson Johnson on bass, Kirdan Wenger on lead vocals and guitar, Moriah Skye on lead guitar and vocals, Chad Hofland (originally from neighboring Perham, MN) on lead percussion, Allison Payonk on saxophone, and Zach Shears as the hardware and electronic set up specialist.

In their eighth year under the moniker Paper Parlor, the group is more dedicated than ever to share their passion for music and celebration with everyone they reach. Currently a 6-piece group, Paper Parlor continues to expand upon their sound and energy, blending many genres into up-beat tunes for all to enjoy!

Give them a listen:

Listen to “Hey, Frankie!”


Listen to “EDM”!


“Listen to How Hung is You?”


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