MIA_logoConsider becoming a Picture Person for the 2015-2016 school year

Like art? Like kids? Becoming an Art Adventure Picture Person is the perfect way for you to share your passion for art with youth, expanding their knowledge and critical thinking skills.

Art Adventure is a program developed by the Minneapolis Institute of Art and brought to you by the Cultural Center. It comes at NO COST to participating schools!

Trained volunteers, called Picture People, will have the opportunity to go into 3rd-6th grade classrooms to share reproductions of pieces from Mia’s permanent collection and then have an in-depth exploration of the artwork, with pieces ranging geographically and by time period thereby raising their global awareness of different ways of life. Volunteers will be needed for the months of February and March 2016, with a training date in Minneapolis to be determined based on volunteer availability. This year’s theme is “How People Lived” and includes Ancient Greek pottery, a Medieval tapestry, and French portraiture among others.


Portrait of Catherine Coustard (1673 – 1728), Marquise of Castelnau, Wife of Charles-Leonor Aubry (1667 – 1735) with her Son Leonor (1695 – 1770), c. 1699 by Nicolas de Largillere

Last year, the Art Adventure program reached almost 80,000 students in Minnesota, with the Cultural Center’s crew boasting the longest drive to provide Arts programming in rural Minnesota! To learn more about this incredible program visit this link new.artsmia.org/discover/art-adventure/ or email us at info@kulcher.org.

Rainy Evening on Hennepin Ave. c. 1902 by Robert Koehler

Rainy Evening on Hennepin Ave. c. 1902 by Robert Koehler