David Andree

Interdisciplinary Landscape Artist


David Andree, the Cultural Center’s Artist Retreat Visiting Artist in Residence for the first two weeks of July, is excited to talk transitions, movement, form, and the changing nature of landscape. Originally from the Minneapolis metropolitan area, David now hails from Fayetteville, AR where he lectures in art subjects at the University of Arkansas.

Landscape operates on a unique sense of time. David is attracted to its slow changes: delicate shifts of light, transitions of weather or the seasons, the gradual resurgence of a forest, movement such as the ever-changing topographies of flowing water, or even our own movements through the landscape, which could be a simple shifting of weight that re-orientates relationships of forms to one another. David finds himself attracted to moments of tension between what was, what is, and what will be, perpetually chasing the qualities of the fleeting present. WaxForm2CroppedpsSMALL

While in the New York Mills area, David reconnects to his native Minnesota landscape through two projects. Originating from the desire to explore the effects of water on color, his Water Color Studies begin by creating a color-field painting which is then submerged under water in order to observe the color change that the given body of water produces. This process is repeated, while continually changing the color plate to match the observed color of the submerged painting. Each step is photographed to complete the gestalt of these pieces.

In an attempt to capture water current, through a second project, transitory sculptures are created by pouring liquid wax into water resulting in intricate castings of flux. The current of the water and changing surface topography manipulate the wax as it cools and solidifies resulting in shifting fragile forms. 

WaxForm1psSMALLThese projects will be exhibited and discussed at an artist talk on

Friday, July 15th at 7:00pm

Please join David, the Cultural Center, and the artist community at this refreshing and compelling Artist Talk & Exhibition. Free to attend. Refreshments served.

This talk will be held in the main gallery of the Cultural Center. Call for questions: (218) 385-3339.