A Two-Hour Special

with Wendy Billie

Sunday, March 18th @ 2-4pm

Listen.   They are calling.

The hummingbirds flittered and the jaguars roared.  The heart of her soul received their messages.

All animals are honored to serve as spiritual guides.  They wait for for us to listen, to notice the messages that will help us manifest our dreams–our heart’s purest desires.

Join Wendy for this powerful Shamanic Yoga & Spirit Animal workshop. You will begin by stepping on the path of a shamanic yoga experience. Preparing your body, mind, and soul to fully receive. You will then tune to the beating of her drum as she takes you on a shamanic journey. It is in that mystical space you will be visited by a spirit animal that is waiting to commune with your unique heart.

No yoga experience needed. The only pre-requisite is to come with a curious and open mind. For when we step into something new, the unknown, we garner beautiful wisdom to ignite the creativity in our lives.

Wendy Billie studied with yoga masters in India and across the US and has been sharing her gifts of body, mind & spiritual connection to help people breathe, feel, and move into the light of their lives.  Over 20 years ago now, Wendy received a vision from a shaman named Eddy that said she would one-day share her innate shamanic gifts with others.  She has fully embraced this foretold calling and now offers 1:1 soul healing and creates powerful yoga & shamanism workshops & retreats; helping people access the wisdom of nature all around.

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* Image art by Hans Walor