Welcome to artist-in-residence Mark Reamy

Artist Mark Reamy will be hosted by the Cultural Center and the community of New York Mills November 6-21, 2015.


From the artist’s statement: “Looking through a 35mm slide is an amazing experience. They come to life in front of any kind of brightness, creating little lightboxes – readymade, modern stereographs. Their tiny size carries an inherent curiosity and intimacy that draw you into the drama. Every slide is a positive with rich, life-like colors that glow when illuminated. All in all, it’s enough to make the viewer believe they are looking at a miniature version of what happened.

By combining two slides together I am conflating accounts, adding them together and forming new stories. Domestic interiors are overrun with something unexpected, something other. The incredibly banal slips into the transcendent. Both cold and warm weather intersect the same pictorial space, which is seductively confusing and often the scene’s only indicator of implausibility. I’ve been considering how we choose what to keep in our memory and how we order it, welcoming the surreal, uncanny and psychedelic.”