Visiting Visual Artist Nadia Alenov will be staying in the Cultural Center’s Retreat House January 25th until February 14th.

“I am a freelance artist from St. Paul, Minnesota. I began my career in art as a photographer and expanded to including illustration in my Nadia2repertoire. I graduated from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design where I received a BFA in illustration. I am currently living and working in St.Paul developing my career in fine art and illustration.

My illustrations are influenced strongly by fairy tales. If not traditional, then the modern self created ones which spring from dreams and everyday life occurrences. My style is a blend of art nouveau and traditional folk art with a contemporary flare.

I will use my time at the retreat to begin a new series of illustrations. This new work will go back to the origins of the fairy tale in its unprocessed form. For instance, there is a Chinese Cinderella story dating back to 850 A.D., a Japanese Beauty and the Beast from 713 A.D., and a French Bluebeard dating back to 1697. The list goes on and on. I plan on highlighting the cultural variations on well known fairy tales through illustration.”

An Open Studio date where visitors can have the chance to meet and see her work, is planned for Monday, February 2nd from 5-8p.m.

You can see more of Nadia on her website  and her facebook and instagram.