Now through May 22nd see student work in the gallery in three separate but linked shows.  The local high school show is in the gallery now through April 25th to be followed by the State High School League show and the local elementary show.


Elephant bull, watercolor by Antonia Starzl (12th grade student in Fergus Falls)

High school artists from 5 regional schools are participating in an annual show featuring the work of young artists.  Schools participating this year include Fergus Falls (Peder Butenhoff, teacher); Bertha-Hewitt and Verndale schools (Ms. Ervasti, teacher); Menahga (Dawn Rossbach, teacher) and New York Mills (Tammy Olson, teacher).

The New York Mills Lions donated award money for students in this year’s show.  Six artists received honorable mention awards of $25 each, including Isabelle Villarred of Menahga, Antonia Starzl, Fergus Falls, Elyssa Kern, Verndale, Austin Gendron, Fergus Falls, Isabella Foerderreuther, Bertha-Hewitt, Claire Ripley, Fergus Falls.

Stop in and see some amazing work by young artists!