Our Mission, Values, and Vision

Studying an image from the past


The Cultural Center is a rural hub for creativity, community vitality, and lifelong learning in the arts.

Core Values

  • Hospitality: everyone is welcomed and invited to use the resources available through the Center
  • Drawing sustenance from the local: the creative work of the Center is informed by where we live and work
  • Expansive understanding of the arts: to include the visual and performing and literary arts and also the folk arts, the culinary arts, and the arts of citizenship
  • Community: we value art and artists for the sake of strengthening and enriching the fabric of community life
  • Inclusivity: we create an environment in which everyone (all races, genders, cultures, socioeconomic statuses) feels valued and respected


The Cultural Center connects people to artists and rich cultural experiences in rural Minnesota, celebrating the local and being a window to the world.

We offer visitors intimate opportunities to encounter art and artists in our 80-seat concert listening room, two art galleries in a historic building, a gift store featuring local artists, an artist residency program, a sculpture park, and a folk school where everyone can learn to practice a variety of fine and folk arts.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Statement

The New York Mills Regional Cultural Center is committed to diversity, equity, inclusion, and compassion. We unequivocally condemn intolerance, racism, and all forms of hatred. We seek to listen and learn, and to amplify the voices of the under- and mis-represented. We approach this work with optimism, courage, and humility, knowing that we will make mistakes, learn, and adapt along the way.