Space for Rent

The Cultural Center rents its beautiful gallery, dance studio, and lounge areas to local individuals and organizations! Call (218) 385-3339 to reserve your venue space today!

Fees & Important Information


  • Main Floor Gallery: $30/hour or $150/day
  • 2nd Floor Studio Space: $25/hour or $125/day
  • 2nd Floor Open Community Space: $20/hour or $100/day
    • Plus 2nd Floor Dance Studio: $35/hour or $175/day
  • Full Building (Main Floor Gallery, 2nd Floor Gallery, 2nd Floor Studio): $75/hour or $400/day
  • Refundable Damage/Cleaning Deposit: $100
  • Nonprofits: 50% discount for non-profit organizations
  • If desired, Cultural Center staff may be available to help with your event at rate of $15/hour

A note on accessibility: the 2nd floor dance studio and community space are only accessible by stair.

Important Information:

  1. Scheduling: Times and dates are subject to availability with respect to gallery hours and Cultural Center events. Contact the Center to schedule your event at 218-385-3339.
  2. Set-up: 2-Hour set up time is included in the rental fee. Earlier set up time is possible with prior approval. The renting party may use chairs and folding tables belonging to the Cultural Center but is responsible for set-up of those tables and chairs and return to their respective storage spaces. If Cultural Center staff set-up is desired, arrangements can be made at the rate of $30/hour; contact us to see if this may be possible. The renting party is responsible for their own tablecloths, paper goods, dishes, etc.
  3. Clean-up: The renting party is expected to leave the facility in the condition in which it was prior to the event. All food, trash, bottles, cans, etc., are to be cleared away at the conclusion of the event, and removed from the premises. Reasonable amounts of trash can be placed in our outside dumpster (back door, corner of lot shared with library). Recycling must be taken to local bins by renting party (102 N. Broadway, 0.8 mile away).
  4. Off-limits areas: The office areas of the Cultural Center are not accessible to parties renting the facility.
  5. Respect for art: Parties renting the facilities are expected to be cautious and respect any art on display. If fragile items are on display, staff members of the Center may remove them from the Gallery prior to the event for safekeeping.
  6. Keys: A Cultural Center staff or board member will unlock the facility for the renting party and familiarize them with the location of lights, chairs, tables, etc. Upon conclusion of the rental period, the party renting the facility will return the key promptly to staff member or Center during business hours.
  7. Liability: The Renting Party will assume liability for damage to or theft from the Cultural Center occurring during the rental period.