Supplies Wish List

The Cultural Center is able to provide creative and exciting programming through the generous donations of folks like you! If you have any of the items on the following wish list, please let us know:

  • nice couch or chair for second floor of Center
  • office supplies — scissors, staplers, post-it notes, paper clips, etc.
  • jewelry boxes (new or gently used) for gift shop

Part of our programming is to provide artists with a free place to stay and work during an artist residency. For our Artist Retreat House we hope for (new or gently used):

  • queen-size sheets
  • bicycle tire pump
  • sofa pillows, sized medium and large

For the Kitchen:

  • small & medium fry pans
  • tea kettle
  • crock pots, large and small
  • cutting boards


  • small scatter rugs (e.g. 3×3)
  • large throw rugs (e.g. 4×6 or 8×8)
  • runners (e.g. 3×9)
  • bathroom rug (e.g. 2×3)

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