You’re invited!

Each Spring the Cultural Center hosts the annual Minnesota State High School League Arts Festival for Region 6A North. This year the show will be in the gallery April 10-24, 2019. The festival will be on Wednesday, April 24th from 9am-2pm. During this time, approximately 125-140 students and teachers will be in New York Mills to see their artwork in the gallery, hear artist presentations, and attend an awards ceremony at the NYM City Hall Ballroom.

All pieces entered in the show are scored by qualified visual arts judges according to MSHSL rules and regulations in a variety of categories including imaginative content, skill and technique, style, and more. This year the teachers have taken the leadership role in planning and executing the exhibit and festival, and the Center would like to thank the teachers for these efforts!

Students compete in a variety of categories including Drawing, Painting, Sculpture, Media Arts, Crafts, Digital and Film Photograph Print Making, Ceramics, 2D Mixed Media and Graphic Design.

Admission to the Gallery is free and all are welcome and invited to come and view this amazing student artwork for the ten day duration of the show (April 10-24).

On the final day, Wednesday, April 24, the artwork will come down immediately following the festival, so that students can take their work home with them (approximately 2:00 p.m.). Get into the Gallery and see this artwork before it’s gone!

Gallery Hours: Wednesday & Thursday 10am-7pm, Friday 10am-5pm, Saturday 10am-3pm (closed Sun/Mon/Tues).