The Little Big Year extends to 5th year
2017-18 Finale & 2018-19 Kick-Off
Friday, September 14 @ 7pm

The Little Big Year will hold its 2017-2018 finale event on Friday, September 14 at 7:00 p.m. at the Cultural Center. This event will also serve as the Kick-Off of the 5th Annual Little Big Year and anyone interested in birding is invited to attend.

A short documentary film is on the agenda, prizes will be awarded, and there will be refreshments.

Join friends of a feather to participate in this bird sighting competition. The rules are few. The bird has to be alive and in the wild, sighted and not just heard, and your feet have to be in the State of Minnesota at the time of the sighting. The fee for joining is only $10 and kids 16 and under are free.

The are no monthly meetings. Instead, we have events periodically. Sue Leaf made a presentation about her biography of Robert Thomas Sadler, DNR personnel have given educational and entertaining talks about birds on our lakes, winter birding and birding hotspots, Jerry Bahls fascinated us with the
story of his red-headed woodpecker restoration project, and that’s just a few of the things which have been made available to the group over the past 4 years.

Events for the 5th year of the project are already being scheduled, including a showing of the amazing photos taken by an area birder and an appearance by one of Minnesota’s most famous DNR officials, Carrol Henderson. So please join us!

barn-owl-1107397_640Annual registration fee for adults is just $10. Children 16 and under may register for free!

For more information, please contact the Cultural Center at 218-385-3339 or volunteer leader Alice Martin at 218-385-3245 or