MakingHistoryCraftsJoin artist, former art teacher, and Cultural Center volunteer Pam Robinson this summer in Making History with Crafts.  There will be four workshops offered on select Mondays during June, July and August, with each workshop to be offered twice, from 1-3pm and 6-8pm on the same day. Attend only one per day, as it will be the same workshop.

These classes will use materials from the Minnesota Historical Society.  For ages 7-12, and elementary teachers who may earn CEUs.  $5 fee per workshop.  Pre-registration required (maximum 7 participants per session); call 218-385-3339 to register.

Hmong Rooster Comb Hats – June 22

Participants will learn about this popular Hmong folk art form by creating your very own protective and symbolic hat which is usually worn for the six-week New Years celebration.

Makak Generation Basket – July 13

Participants will learn about the Ojibwe people through the creation of their very own makak (mah-kuhk) container. You’ll put your own personal spin on your basket by adding photos, memories and trinkets to your work of fine craft.

Playful Marionettes – July 27

Participants will learn about the Great Depression in Minnesota and the work of the Works Progress Administration. Many artists were employed by programs of the WPA, including muralists, illustrators and puppeteers. You’ll recognize the character of your puppet – you see it every day in the mirror!

North Woods Troll – August 24

Many folktales from Scandinavian countries have Trolls and other mythical beings. They often take on the traits of their woodland surroundings. Since the passage of the Homestead Act of 1862, 75,000 people moved to Minnesota (from 1862-1865). That adds up to a lot of people with stories about trolls!  Your crafty creation will be as adorable, cranky, crusty, or jolly as you like.