Tuesday, September 3, 2019
FREE 1-hour workshop
Open to all!

This pop-up workshop has been rescheduled! We are excited to welcome artist Chris Marcotte back to New York Mills.

Research ~ Thinking like a Private Eye
Tuesday September 3, 6-7 pm.
Call to sign up. 218-385-3339 FREE!!

Chris Marcotte, current residency artist is a writer who bases everything she writes on historical facts. In fact that is why she is here. She is working on a collection of short stories about patients and staff who resided at the Fergus Falls State Hospital from 1890-1940.

During the six years she has been writing, Marcotte has learned to dig and she will share with you some of the places she looks.

~ Are you at a dead end in your family genealogy?
~ Is there a family story that seems too odd to be true?
~ Or have you wondered about some event that might have made the newspaper a hundred years ago but don’t know where to start looking?

Bring or email reminiscewithchris@gmail.com your questions, and after a brief overview of the sources Marcotte uses, she’ll use your questions to demonstrate how she would research them, and might even have some answers for you!

Marcotte would also love to know if you have any connection to the Fergus Falls State Hospital. Her great, great uncle was an “inmate” when it was first opened at called the Hospital for the Insane. Marcotte is basing her fictional short stories on the real experiences of patients – many who had afflictions that had nothing to do with sanity.

Recent Bio:
I started writing about six years ago after a long career as a social worker. Most of what I write is historical fiction and nonfiction, with an occasional personal essay. I have written a newspaper column since 2014 and have several fiction and nonfiction projects in various stages of completion. I finished the manuscript for my first novel, What Amelia Knows, in Dec 2018, received a $3000 Career Development grant, and began working with a professional editor in June. Historical writing is my niche because I enjoy sharing history in a way that is entertaining, authentic and encourages an interest in further learning in the reader.

Come connect with visiting artist Chris Marcotte and learn how to “think like a private eye” as you research and/or write about your family tree and/or historic events! This event is FREE and open to ALL! Please call to let us know you plan to attend. Drop-ins are also welcome.