SandyBotMillerPlease note: Artist Reception planned for Thursday, November 7th at 7:00 p.m. has been CANCELLED due to a family emergency. We hope to reschedule before the end of Sandy’s residency, and will be sure to post an update here. Our apologies for the inconvenience.

Sandy is an etcher (using knitting needles to etch reflective narrative images onto illustration boards and then oil pastels to apply layers of color), a weaver, and an aspiring poet. She has spent her entire life in Minnesota, having resided in Marshall, Rochester, Owatonna, Mankato, Foley, and presently in St. Cloud.

While she occasionally loves visiting larger cities to attend art galleries, theater and musical productions, she enjoys doing the same in smaller populated art-welcoming communities!  Rural and small towns provide the kind of grounding and inspiration that best supports her creative need for silence, solitude and space.

SBM-Art2For as long as she can remember, Sandy has experienced an equally thrilling sensation walking into a yarn store as a bookstore or library, yet she continues to be amazed at how often books and yarn show up in her art in new and surprising ways.  She is looking forward to the solitude and space to explore more deeply their symbolic significance, perhaps experimenting with how unopened books and unused skeins of yarn convey a different psychological and spiritual meaning for the viewer than those in which figures visibly etch words and images onto open pages of books or actively unravel, knit or weave with the skeins of yarn.  She hopes to create new yarn-and-book-inspired two-dimensional artworks either in the same styles that she been working, or perhaps integrate a new multi-media approach.

Sandy equally values displaying her art in galleries, libraries, coffee shops, yarn stores, business spaces and art crawls. Her work can be viewed on her website: