Learn the basics of fermenting grapes and other fruits to make wine

WinemakingOne of the most ancient processes of fermentation produces one of the world’s favorite beverages.  Ron Leasman from Long Prairie, owner of Leatherwood Vinegary, will teach the basic process of making wine.  The first session will be held at the Creamery on Saturday, April 12 from 10 am to 2 pm.  Enrollment in this class is limited to 6 persons, and each student should expect to take home 15 to 20 bottles of wine.  The second session of the class, when students will bottle their wines, will be Saturday, May 17th.  In between there will be two racking sessions which are optional.  Dates and times for these optional sessions will be decided during the class.  Ron will supply each student with a wine-making booklet that will help guide each student on a path to becoming a winemaker.

Students supply clean wine bottles.  Everything else is included in the tuition of $160.  Pre-registration and tuition is due by April 1.  Call 218-385-3339 to make arrangments.