UPDATE: WORKSHOP MOVED TO WENDY’S HOME, 300 County Highway 1, Ottertail, MN

Mantras & Mandalas Workshop

mandala-1791741_640Saturday, November 19th


Mantras guide us, enliven us, lead us into the mysterious beauty of our energetic power merging with universal vibes.  Often spoken as words, mantras carry an artistic form when a sound is repeated.  OM is chanted at many yoga classes and is believed to be the first sound throughout all of the great Universe.  When we tap into the meditative magic of mantras, amazing works of art called mandalas are formed.metallic-mandala-1392924_640

In this workshop, join Wendy Billie as she takes you on a gentle yoga and mantra meditation journey that will speak to your unique soul.  The mantra will then turn into your personal mandala work of art along with the guidance of artist, Erikka Frikken-Smith.

This workshop was an intuitive message received by Wendy and she is giddy excited to take you on this exploration along with her talented friend Erikka.

Discover your unique mantra & create your own work of mandala art at the beautiful Cultural Center in New York Mills.

10am-11:45am  Yoga, Meditation & Mantras  

11:45-12:30pm Lunch @ Local Cafe (extra fee)

12:30-2:30pm  Create your Own Mandala

Class fee is $75. Registration is required. Pay at wendybillie.com or call (734) 476-9884.