The Cultural Center Gift Store proudly announces its new “Artist of the Month” program which will feature a new Gift Store artist each month with special deals and activities. The program’s intent is to bring attention to the myriad of talented local and regional artists and specialty product makers who enhance the assortment in the Cultural Center’s Gift Store. Additionally, the program provides an opportunity for members of the community to come and connect with the featured artist or maker, participate in a class or observe a demonstration, and take advantage of special discounts on artist-made creations. The Cultural Center is committed to featuring a new artist each month and offering special events and an opportunity to meet the artist and purchase their artwork with special discounts.

cc8April 2016 Artist of the Month!

 Christa Perala of Papuus is the Cultural Center’s premier Artist of the Month! Congratulations, Christa! Christa creates artisanal body and bath products including homemade soaps, liquid soaps, shaving accoutrements, lip balm, solid perfumes and colognes, and products for mom and baby!

Born in Winnipeg, Christa hadn’t considered making soap until she tried a melt and pour kit for family Christmas gifts. Three years later, she made her first batch of cold process bar soap without any of the chemicals found in store-bought soaps and even those melt and pour kits.  From those humble beginnings, Christa has grown to be a local artisanal supplier of all-natural products including over 30 soap recipes!  cc9 Christa knows exactly what ingredients are in each batch of her products and you and your family can trust her products are useful, healthy, and contain no harsh chemical products. Christa now lives in Frazee, MN with her husband who hails from New York Mills.

Christa says, “I love knowing what is in the products I use on myself and my family, and I feel good knowing that others enjoy my products as well.” Her products are for sale at the Cultural Center in New York Mills and Red Poppy in Fosston, MN.  She also offers them online via Etsy.

For any questions or custom orders, email Christa at, check out Christa’s Etsy page at Papuus, and like Papuus on Facebook!

Saturday, April 30th

cc2 NOON: Artist of the Month, Christa Perala, at the Artist Meet & Greet at noon-1:00pm! This event is free and open to all.

1-3:30pm: Following the Meet & Greet, Christa will be teaching a soapmaking class at 1:00-3:30pm. Each attendee will go home with a pound of homemade soap. The class fee is $50 and pre-registration is required. Call the Cultural Center at (218) 385-3339 to reserve a place in this fun class!

ALL DAY: Christa’s artisanal products are available for purchase at 10% off! This discount will be valid for the full month of April 2016.

All events on Saturday, April 30th will be held in the main gallery of the Cultural Center in New York Mills.