These workshops are open and FREE to everyone (16+) who is craving a cultural dynamic right here at home!

March 5:  Architecture of Italy.  We will look at the development of architecture in Italy and then have some fun building our own structures out of paper and other found objects. A fun learning adventure!

April 2:  Oil and Marble Book Discussion at the NYM Public Library.  See Julie for more information about this fascinating book and book discussion.

May 7: Art of Italy.  A basic timeline of art and styles that developed in Italy will be presented along with slides and discussion.  Then you will paint or color your own mini masterpiece in any style that you love, or carve your own sculpture out of soap. No experience necessary, just a willingness to have fun!

June 4:  Italian Culture and Language.  This workshop will be focused on information you might find helpful if traveling to Italy.   Word games and trivia will make this a fast paced learning evening. For those traveling to Italy later in June, this will be the time to get your last minute questions answered.

CLICK HERE to learn more about our Window to the World Travel Experience to Italy. While registration for this trip is closed, we are hosting the above workshops/events to enable everyone to be part of this experience, whether you are actually hopping on the plane to Italy or not. We hope you can just us to learn more about the Italian culture, right here in New York Mills!

For questions, comments or concerns on these workshops, please call us at 218-385-3339 or the NYM Public Library at 218-385-2436.